Q: How do we benefit?

  • Targeted marketing to the student community through the Unipal Student App, the Unipal website and Social Media channels.

  • Broaden your sales channels and attract the student demographic which are at the age of forming habits.

  • Engage with the student audience through notifications, campaigns and analytics.

  • Build your brand image by being recognized as a supporter to the student community and part of the [طلابنا_يستاهلون] campaign.


Q: Is there a requirement to provide a minimum offer?

No! Your business, your offer.


Q: Can the offer be changed?

You can change your offer or discount any time. We provide you with analytics to better understand the students’ spending habits to help you accustom your offer.


Q: Do you charge a commission or is it a subscription?

We offer commission package, a monthly subscription, and an annual subscription. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the packages.


Q: How can I change my offer that is featured on Unipal?

Partnered merchants get access to the Unipal Business App. In your unique business account, you will be able to edit any information relating to your business or offering.



Q: How do you verify students?

We have a verification process set-up whereby our system only accepts University Students. This is done by verifying the student status through their university email and university card. On the Unipal Student ID, the student picture will be visible as an extra form of verification so that you can check the right student is using the ID.


Q: What is the procedure?

You either scan the QR code or input the unique Unipal ID number using the Business App and put in the transaction made and that is it. Our team provides a video guide for the App.


Q: What if we are having an issue with verifying? What then?

That’s fine, you can just note down the Unipal ID number that is visible in the card and we will then insert the data manually.


Q: How many users can download and use the App?

There will be an Admin account and a Staff account. Admin have full control of the business profile, able to update the profile and view analytic reports. Staff will only have the ability to verify students. There is no limit to the number of downloads or logins that can be made so this accommodates businesses with many branches.


Q: Is there a free trial before joining Unipal?

Yes, get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to help.


Q: Who are your current partners?

We have over 150 merchants including notable ones such as iMachines, Al Areen Palace, Dose. You can view them all here.


Q: How do I join Unipal?

Simply fill out the partnership form and our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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