6 websites to make your academic life easier

Posted on April 28, 2020

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We know that university can get overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have to balance your social life and the 8273 assignments that you have to submit in the same week. But don’t worry, we bring you 6 websites that will make your academic life easier.


1. Grammarly 

As a native Arabic speaker that attends Bahrain Polytechnic, English is my second language so I’m bound to make spelling and grammar mistakes that I am always conscience about. By using Grammarly, it helps me write a flawless paper and saves me the embarrassment of sending emails to my tutors that are full of errors.

By adding the extension to your browser and Microsoft Office, Grammarly will be able to review and proofread your report, papers, and emails too.

Download Grammarly or use it online: https://app.grammarly.com/


2. WordHippo

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself repeating that one word a thousand times in the page paragraph. I even find myself stuck trying to find another word for “therefore” or  an opposite of a word. If you have the same problem when writing your report, let me introduce you to WordHippo. WordHippo is a website that allows you to find synonyms, antonyms, definitions, rhymes and sentences for any word of your choice. The website allows you to write and then paraphrase your content easier by providing a large range of words that improves your writing.

Try it out now > https://www.wordhippo.com/

3. Asana

Nowadays, multitasking and organizing your time seems impossible due to the number of group projects that we have to do. I consider Asana to be the best and #1 project management tool when it comes to organizing myself and my group projects. The App/ Website allows to organize your tasks through assigning team members to each tasks, due dates, and subtasks as well. One of the most helpful features for me, is that it allows you to tick completed tasks and notifies you whenever a task is completed by someone else, or when you a deadline is approaching.. To top it off, Asana is free to use! !

Also, watch out for the surprise that appears when you tick a task completed.

Get your free version of Asana http://www.asana.com/


4. Encyclopedia

One of the sentences that I heard the most during university life is ‘Use credible sources only’; I’m sure you heard that one too. 

One website that I have been using the most of my subjects is Encyclopedia. It has 200 cyclopedias and reference books from international trusted publishers such as Oxford University Press, Columbia University Press and Cengage. These credible sources will make your assignments convincing & professional. 

Try it out > https://www.encyclopedia.com/ 

5. Lynda

Online learning? Here’s my favorite website! Lynda/ Linkedin learning is an online class that provides lessons to multiple topics of your choice using a video format such as Web design,software development, marketing, photography,sale and more. The website provides unlimited accesses to topics, expert teachers. It can be used on any device, as a team or individually. 

The only downside of the website is that it requirespaid subscription, but don’t worry, I found a way! If you have a LinkedIn account and one of your connections share an online course they viewed, it becomes available for one day and you can watch it. 

Check out Lynda to learn more http://www.Lynda.com/


6. Coggle

When I comes to new ideas, I find myself so overwhelmed with all the ideas that are in my head. Sometimes I tend to lose them, forget about them and lose the note that I wrote my idea on. A perfect tool that I find helpful when it comes to braining storming, is Coggle. 

Coggle is a website that allows you to build mind maps and write down notes of complex projects and ideas. You can build mind maps with your team and share your creative ideas together! 

Start brainstorming using Coggle: https://coggle.it/


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  • Fatema Kadhem, Final Year Student
    Bahrain Polytechnic