Unipal is Going Global with ISIC Partnership

Posted on June 13, 2022

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Unipal is Going Global with ISIC Partnership


A platform that began with a few students trying to start a local conversation, is now going global! Unipal, the biggest student savings platform in Bahrain, is becoming accessible to students in over 100 countries with the latest partnership between Unipal and the International Student Identity Cards (ISIC), represented by GTS Alive Group. This means that student support is unwavering and a local initiative now has a global impact.


Crossing borders means that Unipal’s 200 offers to local students will not only increase tenfold, but it will also become a platform that caters to thousands more university students. With the Unipal ID, students will be able to access discounts in over 100 countries through one platform.


It goes without saying that ISIC is a platform that believes in the student community to its very core, and with this partnership, ISIC pushes that support even further. This not only enhances student life across countries but stands to constantly remind students that they are deserving of these benefits.


In a statement about the partnership, Matthew East, the CEO of GTS Alive Group and Board Member at the ISIC Association said, “We are thrilled to team up with Unipal in Bahrain and provide Bahraini students with access to the Unipal ISIC ID, delivering international recognition and access to more than 150,000 benefits across 100 countries.”


To follow, Ali Alalawi, Managing Director of Unipal said, “3 years ago student discounts was not even a thing in Bahrain… And this now proves how the support to the student community can cross borders and go beyond imagination. We’re all beyond excited to serve our students on a global scale!”


Learn more about Unipal, ISIC and GTS Alive ME.



Fida Budrees

Fida Budrees

Creative Director - Unipal