RCSI Bahrain Students First to Access Local & Global Student Benefits with Unipal Partnership

Posted on July 19, 2022

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A whole new level of benefits for RCSI Bahrain students - about 150,000 of them! After Unipal’s recent partnership with ISIC, RCSI Bahrain have ensured that they become the first university student body to provide unprecedented benefits on a local and global scale. With so much competition for the attention of students, RCSI Bahrain is standing out and has set the bar high with its unparalleled university experience. 


Unipal starts and ends with its students, and university partners like RCSI Bahrain help us prove to the student community in Bahrain that the world can, in fact, be theirs. This, in turn, continues the conversation where university students must understand the impact they have on society and feel the effect that follows that - benefits that cross borders. 


With this collaboration, RCSI Bahrain students will have access to Unipal’s premium membership (Haiba), and with that, will benefit from over 200 local discounts. To push that thousands of steps further, their travels abroad is where the Unipal ISIC ID will change the game - students will be able to use over 150,000 discounts in 100 countries, including the UK, Europe, UAE and more.  


It’s safe to say that this is the greatest byproduct of student reach and influence.


In a statement about the partnership, Stephen Harrison-Mirfield, the Chief Operating Officer of RCSI Bahrain said, “RCSI Bahrain is proud to be the first institution on the island to provide our students with exposure to both local and global benefits through our partnership with Unipal. The University strives to explore various ways to enhance our students’ experience and we look forward to continuing to build a strong partnership with Unipal.”


To follow, Ali Alalawi, Managing Director of Unipal said, “The speed at which RCSI Bahrain have come in to ensure their students get all the benefits of Unipal sums up their unmatched efforts into continuously providing their students with the best services out there, and the key word being continuously. RCSI Bahrain’s next academic year will be something that no university students have experienced before. We cannot wait to get things started.”  



Fida Budrees

Fida Budrees

Creative Director - Unipal