Top 5 Student Money Saving Tips

Posted on September 21, 2020

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1- Create a budget for the term

Note down your monthly income and calculate the essential expenses such as petrol, phone bill, course materials etc. 

Then note down the non-essential expenses such as eating out, subscription services (Netflix), gym memberships etc. 

Create your budget and try to follow it strictly. Mark your progress on a 2-months period and see how much you're improving and any areas you might have fallen a victim to. 


2- Get a student bank account

Student accounts are made to be student-friendly and helps with things that may come in handy to many of you such as minimum amount that has to be in your account, deposits & more. 

Not many banks in Bahrain offer student accounts but some banks like NBB does so it's always worth asking! 


3- Use Unipal Student Discounts

If you're a student in Bahrain or a full-time student abroad but residing in Bahrain then this is for you! You can now get a Unipal account which gives you access to more than 150 offers & discounts! 

Some of the merchants include Dose, Al Areen Spa, Wingman, Elevation Burger and hundreds more...

The App also has a savings tracker to help you in managing your budget. 

You can download the App on iOS or Android.


4- Get a part time Job

Extra income is always a great addition in your student life right? Getting a part time job can boost that and it can also help you to better manage your budget by taking up some of your free time to work and reduce non-essential expenses. 

A part time job will also prepare you for life after graduation (yes we know, we sound like your parents)!


5- Have a no-spend day each week

Create a habit of not spending anything for 1 day. It might seem tough and not doable but you'll be surprised! It will help you better understand the difference between your 'wants' and your 'needs. 

Time to spend time to eat some leftovers. 



Did we miss any tip that is worthy of being in the top 5? Share your top saving tip with us on this post!



Blog by Mariam 

[The Unipal Team]