Dar Alhayat Medical Centre

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Consultation Offers GP Consultation / 4BD Off = 6BD Pediatric Consultation / 2BD Off = 10BD / Dr. Sahera Only Diabetic Consultation / 5BD Off = 20BD Derma Consultation / 5BD Off = 15BD / Dr. Ihab Mamoon Only Family Physician Consultation / 5BD Off = 15BD / Dr. Kubra Al Sayed Only Obs & Gyn Consultation / 3BD Off = 17BD / Dr. Mona Marhoon Only Oncology Consultation / 5BD Off = 20BD / Dr. Ali Hasan Only Follow-up / 5BD Off = 15BD / Dr. Ali Hasan Only Dental Offers Dental Consultation / 2BD Off = 3BD Orthodontic Consultation / 5BD Off = 5BD Dental Service / Up to 25% Off Dermatology Offers Laser Hire Removal / Up to 40% Off HydraFacial / 10BD Off = 25BD Meso Face / 10BD Off = 50BD Body Shaping / Up to 20% Off / 4Plus Physiotherapy Offers Physiotherapy Consultation / 2.5BD Off = 7.5BD Other Physiotherapy Services / Up to 25% Off Other Services X-Ray / 2.5BD Off = 7.5BD OPG / 2.5BD Off = 7.5BD Lab Tests / Up to 20% Off

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About Dar Alhayat Medical Centre

Dar Al Hayat Medical Center is an integrated medical center characterized by the latest medical devices, under the supervision of a qualified medical team of distinguished specialists and consultants.

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