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Future Communications Company S.P.C. Established in 2003, with a vision to create a company that excel in distribution through innovative tools that ensure sustained value for all stakeholders. Since then, FCC has achieved year on year growth for all smart phones, accessories and IT brands that are under its business domain. We select our business partners’ “brands” carefully and treat each one as if it is our own. This means that with great account management, marketing, logistical support we focus and invest time and resources to help our partners grow their businesses and maximize their revenues.VisionTo achieve & maintain No.1 position in marketing, distribution and retailing of Telecom and Electronic GoodsMissionTo achieve and sustain competitive advantage in distribution and retailing by industry leading customer satisfaction, while constantly building loyalty and trust. Superior financial performance, while maintaining integrity and business ethics. Adding value to all stakeholders, while ensuring effective teamwork and mutual benefits.

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