Students, what can we help you with?

Currently, only full-time university students are eligible to get the Unipal Student ID and access all the benefits.

Unlimited usage! Some Merchants may have specific restrictions but otherwise you can use the offers as many times as you want.

If your favorite shop is not listed in our Student Discounts page, please contact us and tell us the name of the business so we get in touch with them to partner up.

The App showcases the student events happening around Bahrain. This allows students to check what kind of events they can attend.

The best way to get notified about the events and workshops is through the Unipal App. You will be kept to date with the latest events, workshops and offers!

Yes! You can download the App and start saving:

Download on iOS or Download on Android.

We are working on a monthly subscription method which will be introduced soon! The annual subscription will be at a lower cost from the monthly subscription so students can benefit from that!

There is a free membership called Balaash and a premium membership called Haiba. The Haiba membership costs 20bd/ a year.

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Both memberships are valid for 1 full year. Once the membership is about to expire, you will need to re-verify your student status and that will automatically renew your membership for another 1 year and so on.

Currently, the payment method is online through our website and can be done through the Unipal App as well.

More than 150 offers! Keep in mind that we around 15 offers every week on our Platform. So make sure you keep an eye on our App and social media to see the latest offers.

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