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Serene Psychiatry Hospital



Serene Psychiatric Hospital is the first specialized private hospital in the field of psychiatry. It was opened in 2015, which is a historical achievement as we have the first licensed private psychiatric ward in the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This hospital is a continuous development process by applying the latest research in psychiatry and psychology, acquiring daily skills in solving the problems of psychiatric patients, and developing daily situations, visions, and reviews based on their experiences through organized scientific interaction among all team members. We aspire through this development process to make the state of Serene Hospital different from its state before you read this. This team consists of consultant experts in psychiatry, psychologists, quality experts, work therapists, art and sports therapists, nutrition scientists, nurses, male and female patient security personnel, patient care administrators, public relations and employee affairs, accountants, hotel service employees, maintenance staff, psychological media and cyber security personnel, and specialized teams in patient safety and rescue for families affected by violence or suicide risk. In addition, there are consultant and technical psychological consultants who reach out to the community to prevent mental illness. This is in addition to a fully integrated team of pharmacists inside the hospital pharmacy and outside the hospital in Rose pharmacies who provide medications for psychiatric patients and others. The hospital did not settle for obtaining a license but also sought to obtain the gold quality certificate from the National Health Regulatory Authority in Bahrain in 2018 and 2021. We provide psychiatric services according to the highest and latest international standards by specialized experts in psychiatry. Patient admission is a powerful therapeutic tool with a continuous 24-hour team that ensures patient safety, confidentiality of information, and optimal care. Our outpatient clinics provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for mental health problems and drug addiction. We have a dedicated team to reach patients to manage their cases and safely transport them to the hospital for treatment. We offer various treatments such as psychotherapy, medication, continuous monitoring, marital/family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy.