Dr. Rashad Al-Alawi Dental Center

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Offers Only Applicable for Dr. Mustafa & Dr. Zahra 💥 Teeth Cleaning + Polishing for 30bd 💥 Teeth Fillings 10% off 💥 Extractions 5% off 💥 Root Canal Treatment (RCT) 20% off 💥 Office Teeth Whitening 30% off 💥 Home Kit Teeth Whitening 20% off 💥Crowns 30% off 💥 Bridges 30% off Dr. Rashad Al-Alawi Dental Center ☎️ Book Now : 1722 5566

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About Dr. Rashad Al-Alawi Dental Center

Our mission is to provide a high quality Dental care to the patient, focusing on a comprehensive approach to Oral Health by treating and educating the patients based on long term scientific evidence based studies.

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